Thursday, September 10, 2009

What We Do Is Secret.

So you need a place to hide things? Or just an original jewelry box? This project is fun and ends up looking way cool. I found a big ol book on a free shelf at a campground, the pages were falling out, but the cover was in decent shape. Being the decoupaging freak that I am, I decided to cut out words that struck me. (I kept the pages from the book to decoupage other things too.) I used a 2" book, so it was easy to find a piece of wood to fit.

1- remove pages from book, this may take a box cutter or scissors, so you don't rip the cover.
2- decoupage (if you desire) the outside of the box
3- glue in a lining of a pretty fabric or paper
4- measure and miter cut 3 pieces of a flat trim or thin board that fits nicely inside the book (and allows the book to close.)
5- glue in the wood frame with wood glue and reinforce with staples
6- you can paint the wood to look like pages. (this wood grain happened to look like pages, so I left it natural.

I LOVE reading, and would never suggest destroying a classic. You can always paint the cover to say War and Peace or Gone with the Wind.. Find books that have been loved and enjoyed and are at the end of their life.

happy gluing!

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