Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halloweener Neener

Costumes, Spooks, Skeletons and Candy corn? No wonder Halloween is my favorite holiday! Halloween is never repeated in our home. There are so many ways to change up your decorations and not have boxes upon boxes of decorations filling your garage (although, I have that too.)

Hurricane glass can be useful in many ways.. Fill it with a mixture of cornstarch water and red food coloring to create a nice blood. Then add plastic eyes, bugs, bones or get creative and find everyday things that resemble brains, or other body parts, ewww. Another idea is using them as vases for ghoulish things, black branches, bones, black roses, candies, you can fill them with anything you can dream up.

Pumpkin Topiaries are an easy craft that can be fun for kids and adults. Get the fake foam pumkins for this project, a few in varying sizes. Paint them, dip them in glitter, decoupage them, whatever tickles your fancy. Use a vase or basket and fill it with floral foam, top with some raffia, hay, ribbon, etc. Use a thick gage wire or bamboo skewers to build your topiary.. (I actually painted an easter basket for this one) I have used this decoration year after year, I love it.

I was perusing the Martha Stewart website and came across yarn pumpkins. She used foam balls and wrapped them in yarn. I decided that I would just use yarn balls that I already have, that way when Halloween is over I can put the yarn back where it goes. And I can change the colors of my "yarnkins" as I see fit. I was going for a Warhol look with these guys. Martha used a thick rope and it looked great, I didn't have any on hand so I used small branches for the stems. Throw them in a compote or on a plant, and VIOLA!! Yarnkins.

More Halloween upcycling to come!

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  1. Hi there, I'm a journalism grad student at UNR and working on an article about recycling in Reno. I came across your blog and would love to talk to you about your upcycling projects, if you have any time in the next few days. Let me know! Thanks,
    Kelsey (kelseymccutcheon@gmail.com)