Thursday, August 13, 2009

Old Windows, New Use

Old windows have amazing character. I was given a bunch of old windows by a friend and have been holding onto them for quite some time. Inspired by an old coat rack my grandfather made for his cabin with old wood and doorknobs, I decided to see how it would look on a window. I got creative and cut some foliage pictures out of magazines and glued them to the backside of the glass. I have found a love for knobs and hooks, and have used them in several different projects. But an old window hanging in an entryway adds a vintage charm that can't be beat. I still have several windows left and am looking for other ways to make them unique and functional. I have seen them used as garden decor, hanging room dividers, fashioned into tables and even a shabby chic pot rack. I'm hoping to find some old doors soon!

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